4 Things That Define the HUGG Life

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Now that you know the “why” behind the HUGG Mission Market, I want to share with you qualities that make up the HUGG life.

In addition to being HandUp Global Goods—the acronym “HUGG” is a culmination of the spirited women I’ve had the honor of meeting and working alongside. Here is to YOU, my sweet sisters. Thank you for seeing past our suburbs, first- world routines, and our own needs and catching the vision of what our world could be if we all did our part. 

So cheers to the HUGG woman! They make up what I call #theHUGGlife.



Transparency is a HUGE part of the #Christianfairtrade conversation. At the end of the day, the HUGG woman wants to make sure that human dignity is respected in the fashion industry. She realizes it takes balance, but it also requires honesty about how and where she spends her dollars. I read a quote a few years ago that resonated with me---

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about direction.”

The Christian Fair Trade movement isn’t meant to riddle us with gut-wrenching guilt.
It is meant to identify a serious problem and inspire us to stretch ourselves beyond comfort. It could mean buying less, shopping more second-hand, doing a little research, etc. Breathe deep and do the best you can. This honesty spills into everything we do. I’m sure you are like me and want to have an honest faith that wrestles with scripture and doesn’t try to put up a religious façade. Or maybe your
truth meter lights up when it comes to honest food. Don’t even get me started on what we are putting in our bodies! The point is that the HUGG woman craves honesty on every front. We are sick of artificial everything and are searching for genuine exchange.

Donated by local Montgomery potter.



Several months ago, I woke up one Sunday morning with one word etched on my
heart—Unshaken. I felt confident that this would become the “U” in HUGG but I didn’t exactly know why until I went to church that morning. As it turns out, the pastor’s message referenced Hebrews 12:28:

“Therefore, let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe….”

I don’t know about you, but the pendulum of my emotions could use a stabilizing force from time to time. It’s mentally exhausting when I let myself become a victim of every single situation that arises through the day. But this verse reminds us that we are not to be easily shaken. The HUGG woman is so deeply sure of her residence in the Kingdom of Jesus that she is unshakeable.

Let’s aspire to be that kind of woman!

Donated by Local Montgomery Potter


The HUGG woman wants God to be at the center of every decision she makes. But more importantly, she longs to be in the cradle of His will. That’s why she gets the vision behind fashion that fuels change in countries like Haiti. Although she’s swimming in daily tasks of working, raising children and contributing to her community, she cares about global problems that affect people in under-resourced communities. She wants every aspect of her life to bring glory to God and she knows it requires her to dig deep and stretch herself beyond the comforts that are afforded her.

Donated by Local Montgomery Potter


Last Fall, a very talented local potter crafted and donated over 80 farmhouse mugs that we co-designed exclusively for HUGG. I can’t imagine the hours of work that she poured into this project to produce mugs that were so beautiful they sold out before our last scheduled holiday market. Her gift was an overflow of her generous heart and contributed greatly towards our end-of-year sales. Thank you!!!

I can list many other people who have given so sacrificially towards our cause. These are
women who aren’t sitting around eating the proverbial bon bon on their leather sofas—they are women who are deliberate about carving time (a valued resource) to GIVE their talents away.

Thank you to all you HUGG ladies who #huggtheworld through the way you shop and the way you live your lives.

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- Natul Middlebrook, Founder



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