Our Top 3 Spring 2019 Jewelry Trends!!!

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Not Your Mama’s Pearls

I admit, I have never been a huge fan of pearls. Maybe because they remind me of preppy Harvard law school student, Vivian, with the pale blue cashmere sweater and the classic string of grandmother’s pearls. Anyone know what movie I am referencing?



At any rate—they seem too traditional and regal for our cup of tea but we were DELIGHTED to see that they have come back in the most non-traditional ways! Check these modern pearl looks from Harper’s Bazaar.

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“The classic piece is getting a modern, reimagined update for spring.” Harper’s Bazaar. Read article here. 

We wanted to add our own boho-spiritedness to our pearls with these simply, understated Pearl Drop Earrings.

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Complete the look by adding our 3-Pearl Knotted Bracelet.

Pearl Knotted Bracelet

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We went with a rich dark Otter brown but in what fun pop of color would you like to see these earrings? We want to hear from YOU!!!

Hoop! There it is!

Another Spring trend that we have our eye on are HOOPS!!! But we’re not talking about the simple hoops that everyone has stashed in their jewelry drawer—we’re talking irregular shapes, fun textures and colors! We found these fashion-forward beauties in the Zoe Report:

Jacquemus Spring/Summer 2019. Photo: Imaxtree       Hellessy Spring/Summer 2019. Photo: Pixelformula/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock

Since we are always looking for ways to repurpose existing materials, I thought it’d be fun to fashion earrings from my husband’s guitar strings—creating the FIRST ever Guitar String Hoops.

With classic bronze colored strings and accented with macramé twisting for texture, these are more than an accessory—they are conversation starters.

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Chokers that Don’t Choke

According to Glowsly.com, chokers are definitely back for Spring 2019 —but with a more relaxed grip. They hang just above the collar bone and are stacked and layered.

 Fringed Chokers

I had a box full of sari silk remnants sitting in the HUGG barn for a couple of years. As soon as I started seeing the layered loose chokers, I knew that black silk I was holding onto would be perfect for an upscale choker.

The Gold and Silk Choker is definitely a statement piece but it’s casual enough to be worn with a Denim top or sophisticated enough to go with a spring cocktail dress like I did at a recent fundraising event.



Cute yellow tassels and feather charms add a touch of whimsy to our black silk choker.
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All of these HUGG pieces are handmade with love in Haiti and profits are reinvested back into our Teens in Transition program. So aside from being on trend, you get extra good feels knowing that you are fueling change in countries like Haiti.

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