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I love what Fair Trade companies stand for, they pay their employees a fair wage and make a great quality product at the same time. I think that all companies around the globe should strive to become fair trade because everyone deserves a pay check that represents the hard work that they do.

I get it, going to Target or Walmart is way more convenient that doing your research, ordering online or driving a little bit extra to find Fair Trade products. Not going to lie... pretty much all of the clothes, food and home goods that I own aren't fair trade and I am trying to be better at it.

Sadly, a lot of fair trade products are a little bit out of my price range. As a newlywed and trying to save up for a house, I don't have $200 to spend on a new bag or $150 to spend on a pair of jeans. (Although if you do then there are some amazing fair trade brands out there that you should definitely check out!) 

Good news! Fair trade has snuck it's way into our grocery stores and I don't think we were even aware of it! I went to Kroger and H-E-B to see what food I can find that will give back to the hands that helped make it and I was surprised! 

For the ones that are always on the go here were a few of the ready to grab caffeinated drinks! Shout out to brands Zevia, Runa and High Brew, they ranged from $2-$4 and checked the fair trade box! Cheaper than a Starbucks and make a difference too... sign me up! 

Any other sweet tooth's out there!? Y'all we got the hook up! There were handfuls of chocolate bars down the aisles that had the fair trade logo on them like Theo, Lily's, Alter Ego and Endangered Species. Price ranged from $2- $6, on top of the cute packaging and better quality ingredients! 

And yes, it took some major self control not to buy all of them. 

If you're more of a gummy candy or ice cream type of person brands Ben and Jerry's and Wholesome had some other tempting options! 

Back to more caffeine because we all love it... right?! If you drink a cup of coffee or a cuppa tea there were quite a few brands down the aisle check out Simple Truth Organic, Laughing Man, Numi and Pukka next time your shopping for your morning cup of joe. 

So, if you haven't noticed, there are a lot more fair trade products available to us than we think! You don't have to spend hundreds to buy fair trade and I think that is some pretty good news! 

Let's use our money to help the hands that made the products we buy!

- Emily

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