How Fair Trade Has Come to Fredericksburg!

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When I started HUGG Mission Market 4 ½ years ago, I had ZERO idea what I was doing. Let me count the ways:

-No design experience

-No retail experience

-No finance experience

-No Haiti experience

-No e-commerce experience

Zip. Zero. Nada. Anye!

I had to do LOADS of online research, ordered every book, it seems, on social enterprises and dove through all the ethical fashion brands I could find.

Raven and Lily was one of those brands. I remember falling in love with their elevated global patterns and sleek designs and dreamed that one day, we would be able to find our own “look”.

They are now partnering with women in 10 countries including the U.S.A!!! Their impact is deep and their presentation is flawless. Yes--dreamy, indeed.

So you can understand my level of excitement when I discovered their boutique in good, ol’ Fredericksburg.  

Their neutral displays, tall white walls and dark cases featured their product well but what really made my shopping experience special was the Sales Associate. Woe is me for losing my notes and sadly, I don’t recall her name.

But she was proud to share the stories behind each product and I was impressed with how well she knew the product line.

So much about ethical fashion is the art of telling the stories behind each item. It is a dignified way of putting people before product and inviting shoppers to jump in say “yes”!!! This girl did it well.

Here are my 3 purchases!

I splurged on this 100% silk blouse in Olive Green! Their luxurious silk apparel collection is eco-dyed and hand crafted in Malaysia. This partnership focuses on employing women who have faced discrimination and who deserve a chance to provide for themselves and their families.

I snapped this selfie at my daughter’s cheer camp because I LOVE the way our NEW Cream Go-Go earrings look against this green.

I also picked out their Wama Paillete Ring with Brass Stripe running through the middle of horn inlay. I love that it goes with everything!

The piece de resistance was this hand-embroidered blouse from Pakistan. I loved it’s global vibes and looks like a work of art.

I’ve been waiting for the HOT Texas weather to cool off into our version of Fall before wearing it.

Cream and black is quickly becoming a favorite combination for me and LOVED the way these pieces come together but honestly--you can wear this blouse with simple black studs and call it a beautiful day:) 

If you’re a Texan--you MUST stop and shop at Raven and Lily and if you're not--check them out online. Their leather bags are insanely gorgeous.

I’m thankful for Raven & Lily’s inspirational collection and to all the other ethical fashion brands that inspired me to believe that I COULD and I CAN.

More than ever, I believe that Fashion Fuels Change and it takes all of us believing that WE CAN :)

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