Welcome to the House the HUGG Built

Posted by Natul Middlebrook on

Did you know that over 100 million dollars are donated to orphanages in Haiti every year? Wowza, right?

While we recognize that many of these institutions are legitamitely trying to meet the basic needs of children, it is going to take so much more than basic needs being met to stop the cycle of orphanhood in Haiti. 

It is going to take a HOUSE that provides education, discipleship, life skills and vocational training to young people. That is what we do at the HUGG House and we are working on a bridge program that allows us to implement these enriching facets to the lives of children before they age out. 

It isn’t easy, but with a HandUp, we can ensure that the young men of HUGG will be equipped with Jesus and Job Skills so that they can be the change their communities and future families need them to be.

What can YOU do to be a part of the House The HUGG Built? 

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