What in the World is Happening in Haiti?

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The last year has been ROUGH for Haitians and for a country that is used to rough— this is saying a lot.

I’ve avoided writing about it because the truth is---the complexities of the problems are beyond the scope of what we write about in this blog, but it HAS gotten to a point where we feel like we need to share some of these issues with our supporters.

To give you an accurate update—I am reposting from organizations and people in Haiti that I fully support and trust.


"My Bread is Shrinking” 

One Haitian mother used these words to describe her current circumstances in light of the political instability that is ripping through Haiti right now. She isn’t the only one.

Right now, there are 1.8 million people in crisis in Haiti due to food insecurity. Food prices have nearly doubled due to high inflation and the steep gas hike has left already struggling people hurting even more.

For a thorough explanation, check out this critical update from Mission of Hope Haiti.

It is “the People” that Suffer Most

A long-time missionary in Haiti released this harrowing description on the chaos looming over the country:“It seems the country continues to unravel. There are so many different groups fighting in so many directions. There are many legitimate and very serious gripes with the government but then genuine movements are hijacked and bought out and used by opposing politicians.

Creating chaos has now become an occupation for many groups of all sizes all over the country. Politicians whose pockets must be deep continue to pay mobs to protest and produce a chaotic atmosphere as they fight a winner takes all battle for the country. There is a massive flood of fake and bogus news which helps add more fog to an already confused situation.

Most groups say they are fighting for “the people”, but the way they are doing things—it is “the people” that suffer most.”

Commerce Crashes 

2nd Story Goods, an amazing job creation organization in Gonaives, sent out an email a few days ago and painted this accurate description on the new obstacles they face.

"Beginning last July, political struggles created instability in safety for travel, causing the US gov't to raise the travel warning to a level 4. The highest warning possible and the same as North Korea and Afghanistan. Groups coming in can no longer purchase trip insurance and many many organizations have either closed down their work here or temporarily closed their doors until the travel warning is lowered. Some of these organizations were significant customers of ours.The one single road that runs north to south in this country is where most of the disruption takes place. This road is the one we must travel. So this is a new level of stress and cost as far as getting supplies, people and products up and down the road.This week manifestations have again escalated as rival political parties are calling for the president's resignation. School, businesses, and roads are closed."

Hope is Not Lost

If you’ve ever been to Haiti, you know the people are strong and resilient. I think many of us who work here want to believe that this may be the beginning of a revolution. But in the meantime, people suffer and you can sense the hopelessness in the air. The people are tired and hungry and they need, more than ever, to know that we stand with them.

Will You Stand With Us?

Our artisans need work to have any chance of surviving this mess, but ironically, it’s like their own country is sabotaging their access to opportunity, but our Haiti/U.S team is determined to overcome.

We aim to get through this in this most dignified way we can—through the work of our hands. (Psalm 90:17) Our company prayer still stands—God, please establish the work of our hands. May the work you bring us allow us to eat, take care of our families, and provide for our basic needs. 

3 Ways to Stand with Us:

-Be the first 100 to say “yes” to our Capsule Collections that Change the World

-Encourage your church to order these life-changing Christmas Ornaments or deck out your own tree.

-Donate to our Teens in Transition program. This is the heart of our work in Haiti; to equip young orphaned men with Jesus and jobs. Donate here.

Thank you for believing in our work and for holding steadfast to this vision that...One day, the orphaned young men in Haiti will lead their communities for the glory of God.

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