What Does The HUGG Box Mean to Me?

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I never knew a box of jewelry could mean so much

When Natul asked me to write a short, little blog on what The HUGG Box means to me, I immediately thought about why I wanted to be the Admin for HUGG in the first place... to be apart of God's mission in Haiti and to give people jobs and Jesus. 

I have a huge heart for missions and for loving on the broken but, I'm not able to physically go from country to country every week, month or year to tell others about Jesus (as much as I would like to). The HUGG Box is so exciting to me because I am able to be apart of the mission in Haiti by purchasing handmade, high-quality and CUTE jewelry and wear it here in the states! 

Here in the states we are so blessed to buy what we want when we want, to travel safely from our houses and to support our families. Unlike the people in Haiti, who are struggling to find a safe haven, who are giving up their children to orphanages just so their kids can hopefully have a better future, who are in desperate need of jobs... and you got it, in desperate need of JESUS. 

The HUGG Box is a way for us to share Jesus' love to those in Haiti. 

When you pre-order you are giving families hope. You are giving our artisans an income to support their families, to keep their children in their own homes and not the orphanages and to give back to their communities. 

Your purchase means the gospel will be spread like wild fire, young adults will gain confidence in themselves and children will be able to stay with their mamas and daddios!

Join the #fashionfuelschange movement and PREORDER HERE!



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  • This is beautiful, Emily. So grateful for people like you who catch the vision!

    Natul Middlebrook on

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