Why Boutiques Like Belpri are Changing Lives

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Denise, Bel Pri Manager and staff. 

A Fact Many Americans Don’t Know….

That up to 80% of orphans in Haiti have one or two living parents.

Wait! How can this be? Then they aren’t orphans, right?

But the truth is they are poverty orphans. Moms and Dads in Haiti have to make an unimaginably hard decision to give up their child because it seems like the lesser of two evils—watch their littles suffer or place them in an institution that can provide for their basic needs.

There are an estimated 400,000 of these children living in orphanages in Haiti. Every year, 100-million dollars are donated mostly by churches and non-profits to support the 800 orphanages that exist in a country the size of Maryland.


Boutique owner, Shara Hanley and husband

But What if There Was Another Way

 Instead of putting a band-aid on the problem, what if we sought to empower and equip Haitians to lift themselves out of poverty?

Shara's daughter serving in Haiti

A Boutique With a Cause: 

People like boutique-owner, Shara Hanley, asked herself these same questions upon visiting her daughter in Port-au-Prince where she was living as a missionary. After visiting Papillon Enterprise, a company dedicated to orphan prevention through job creation, she grew passionate about using their artisan gifts as a way to help families stay together.

Bel Pri; Fair Trade, Ethical Jewelry and Gifts

Belpri proudly carries brands dedicated to the mission of empowering artisans living in under-resourced communities. 

I walked into their quaint shop located on Galveston Island’s historic district. I walked up a charming flight of stairs and into a small boutique with rustic wood floors and large windows overlooking the Strand.

I loved the vintage character of the shop balanced with the bright pops of global fusion brought forth by the pieces they carry. Every product has a story and their staff was delighted to share that message as soon as I walked in the door.

In addition to carrying HUGG Mission Brand, Belpri carries bigger-named brands like Pura Vida and Chavez for Charity. All of these organizations seek to empower and equip makers in an effort to strengthen communities. 


BelPri Earrings, Simbi Hair Tie, American and Beyond Coin Purse

Fashion that Fuels Change

While caring for orphans looks different for different people, boutiques like Belpri are doing their part to inspire shoppers to use their purchasing power to fuel positive change in countries like Haiti.

We don’t want to oversimplify the issue of poverty orphans but reinvesting your donation dollars to companies that are actually tackling the issues head on seems like a practical and sustainable approach to orphan care.

After all, what better way to care for orphans than making sure children never become one in the first place?

Live in the Houston area? Be sure to visit BelPri at 2301 Strand Street #102 Galveston, Texas 77550

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  • Great idea and wonderful support for those in need. Blessings to you and your business.

    Douglas Huene on
  • Thank you Natul for the wonderful blog about Bel Pri. We love partnering with HUGG Mission Market!!!! 💕

    Shara Hanley on

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